ISSN: 2249-9504

Screening and Isolation of Antagonistic Actinobacteria from marine sediments of Visakhapatnam Sea Coast


Author(s): M.Bhavana, VSS.Prasad,K.Sivakumarand SV.Rajagopal*

Sixty three marine actinobacterial species were isolated from ten marine sediment samples collected from visakhapatnam sea coast of bay of bengal at different depths. The isolateswere screened for antimicrobial activity against 4 pathogenic fungi and 6 pathogenic bacteria. Among 63 isolates, 10 isolates showed antibacterial activity and 6 isolates showed antifungal activity. Among active isolates, isolate No. 18 showed highest antimicrobial activity against all the pathogenic bacteria and fungi studied and it was identified as Streptomyces species.

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