ISSN: 2249-9504



Author(s): P. Shashidhar*, D. Ramakrishna, M. Sunitha and Sadiya Tahseen

Propafenone Is A Class IC Anti Arrhythmic Agent. It Shows Good Bioavailability, averaging up to 98% up on oral administration. An absorption maximum was found to be 247nm.Diseased state influences the gastric emptying rate. Incomplete absorption of the drug is often accompanied by lesser Bioavailability. After Oral Administration Of Propafenone HCL would be stay in the stomach and issue the drug in a sustained manner, so that the drug could be released un sealing to its sight of absorption in the upper GIT, this method of administration would be finest achieving the effect of the drug. Based on this, an effort was made to design controlled release microspheres of Propafenone hydrochloride using different proportions of polymers and combinations. In the Present effort Controlled Release Micro Spheres Of Propafenone HCL by Selecting Sodium Alginate and Methocele50 as Polymers. The polymers are used in different ratios. All the formulations were prepared by Solvent Evaporation Method. The preparation of all the formulations showed decent flow properties such as angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density. The Prepared Microspheres showed Good Post Formulation Parameters such as Content Uniformity, % Yield; Dissolution Studies, Stability Studies and they passed all the Quality Control Evaluation Parameters as Per I.P Limits. Among the entire Formulations T2 Formulation showed Maximum % Drug Release, but the Ideal Formulation was found to be T7 for showing best Drug Release i.e., 100% in 10 Hours. Hence It Is Considered As Optimized Formulation with the least possible concentrations of Polymers. It was observed that the Combination ratio Of Sodium Alginate 400mg and Methocel E50 40mg has distinct effect on Invitro Drug Release profiles when compared to all the other combinations of polymers.

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