ISSN: 2249-9504



Author(s): HS. Shivarkar and PS. Kashid*

Niger plant (Guizotiaabyssinica), is a herbaceous green plant with bright yellow flowers in the family Asteraceae. It is an important oilseed crop along with medicinal properties mainly grown in India and Ethiopia. Niger seed is used as a food for human consumption. Niger is also used as a green manure for increasing soil organic matter.Traditionally the seed powder is used as remedy for cough, oil in cases of rheumatism.It is generally used as spice in chutney, pickles and ketchup for adding taste in diet. Raw oil has low acidity and can be used directly for cooking. The inferior quality oil is used as illuminant. In Maharashtra, niger seed is consumed as chutney and largely used as spices.Niger seed can be used to treat the Rheumatoid arthritis. Niger seed is a novel biologically approaches to overcome against nematodes and arthropods. Niger seed can be used as poultices which can be applied to the surface of the body to relieve pain, itching, swelling and inflammation, abscesses, boils, etc. A Niger seed poultice is the most effective treatment available for many types of disorders.

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