ISSN: 2249-9504

Carbon Dioxide Capture, Tolerance and Sequestration Using Microalgae- A Review


Author(s): RW. Gaikwad*, Manjiry D. Gudadhe and SL. Bhagat

Global warming is main issue faced by world at present, caused due to emission of various greenhouse gases like CO2, CH4, N2O and Fluorocarbons. These gases are released in the atmosphere due to various anthropogenic activities like burning of fossil fuels, flue gases from power plants, etc. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide has been identified as a major cause for global warming. There are various methods available for CO2 sequestration, biological methods of sequestration using algae are energy proficient due to less energy requirement. Green algae can secretive CO2into sugars and lipids in nearness of daylight by compound activity and drop CO2 to certain level. Algae can be used to capture CO2 from various industries like steel, cement, power plants, automobiles and many others by cultivating its near the industrial area.

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