ISSN: 2249-9504



Author(s): DK. Sanghi and Rakesh Tiwle*

The aim of modern needle-free injection is to enhance the prescribing and adoption of important drugs that require self-injection, such as biologics. Invention of needle-free injection technologies is to achieve this by improving the patient experience and removing the barriers to self-injection, such as the fear of needles. According to Food and drug administration [FDA] A needle-less or needle free injection is a device used for the parenteral administration of a medicament is disclosed. They can take the form of power sprays, edible products, inhalers, and skin patches. Needle-free systems are designed to solve these problems making them safer, less expensive, and more convenient. It can be placed in the bore of a barrel with the barrel having the shape of a nosecone at one end. A plunger is inserted into the other end of the bore. The plunger forces the medicament through the skin and into the subcutaneous layer of the patient without the need for penetration of the skin by a needle. A needle-free syringe is placed into the filling adapter and the liquid is drawn into the needle-free syringe and is slightly over filled. The plunger is broken off and discarded. With the adapter, needle-free syringe, and vial still engaged the needle-free syringe is placed into the injector with a ¼ turn to the right, this returns excess medicine or vaccine back into the vial and positions the plunger to deliver a 0.5ml dose. Today, this is the most promising tool for delivering the medicament for suitable requirement.

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