ISSN: 2249-9504



Author(s): GRB. Tripura sundari, V. Vasu naik*, K. Lalitha and KNSV. Lakshmi

Biological and biochemical process have a very important role on medicine, biology and biotechnology. However, it is very difficult to convert directly biological data to electrical signal, the detection of toxins, and advanced diagnostics recent advances in biofabrication may allow sensors to achieve the high spatial sensitivity required, and bring us closer to achieving devices with these capabilities. Biosensors and devices that are designed to detect a specific biological analyte by essentially converting a biological entity (i.e, protein, DNA, RNA) into an electrical signal that can be detected and analyzed. The use of biosensors in cancer detection and monitoring holds vast potential. Biosensors can be designed to detect emerging cancer biomarkers and to determine drug effectiveness at various target sites. Biosensor technology has the potential to provide fast and accurate detection, reliable imaging of cancer cells, and monitoring of angiogenesis and cancer metastasis, and the ability to determine the effectiveness of anticancer chemotherapy agents. This review will briefly summarize the biosensing devices which as well as some future applications of biosensor technology identifying methods and the biosensor technology available today.

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