ISSN: 2249-9504



Author(s): Ranjitha D* and K. Sudha

Food is one of the three basic requirements of mankind. It contains moisture, proteins, fat, Fibre, carbohydrate, ash (Vitamins & Minerals), photochemical and etc. Food is the source of nutrients and provides the energy required for all activities eg. growth, repaired of the damaged tissues, reproduction and sustenance. Likewise food also contains alkaloids mainly plant type foods like tea, coffee, cocoa and honey etc. They also act medicine for humans. Alkaloids constitute a very large group of natural nitrogen containing compounds with diverse effects on the human organism. A large variety of plant-produced alkaloids has strong pharmacological effects, and is used as toxins, stimulants, pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs, including caffeine, atropine and cocaine. This paper explains the alkaloids types, three classes of alkaloids and their occurrence, uses and effects when taking higher doses

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